About Medium Format Cameras

Guy has used 35mm and 4X5 camera film based cameras, but that was years ago.

The decision to purchase a medium format camera took quite awhile. It wasn't as simple as walking into a camera store and buying one. Multiple brands of medium format cameras are available so it took some time to select a brand.

Why Phase One?

Two or three camera companies produce medium format camera bodies and lenses. Most of these manufacturers design a camera body and a digital back. Most of the imbed the camera features directly into the bodies. Example… the buttons and their purpose a burned into the bodies.

Phase One has taken a different approach by creating a modular system. They created a flexible system consisting of a camera body, lenses, digital backs and even viewfinders. Each of these modules has upgradable software. Phase One has moved much of the technology out of the body and into the camera back.

Phase One's latest camera back does not run a proprietary operating system. It runs the Linux operating system. It's processor(s) far exceed the power of any other competitor. The digital back is comparable to a modern laptop or desktop computer. It's this flexibility and horsepower that allows the Phase One to perform so well. This design allow them to add new features.

The learning curve on the Phase One system was an entirely new experience. And… not to be surprised the Phase One has quite a few nuances. The team a Phase One did a great job by assisting me in learning the basics. I have only scratched the surface of what this camera system can do.

Phase One XF camera

Technical Camera Options

All of the digital backs that Phase One produces are compatible with multiple brands of technical cameras. Guy uses the Arca-Swiss Rm3Di camera to host the Phase One digital back. Guy has used 60, 80 100 and 150 megapixel backs with the Arca-Swiss Rm3Di.

Arca-Swiss Rm3Di Technical camera

Guy Loughridge

Landscape photography has been Guy's primary subject matter.

His photograph is centered around using medium format photography to create landscapes with extreme detail. Guy also creates spherical / virtual reality images which allow you to be an observer from inside the image. Each of these formats create immersive views of a particular moment.

Image of Guy Loughridge

This image below consists of over 40 images that are stitched together. You will find extreme detail in the image… you will be able to see a person fishing, but beyond that you will see the fishing line. You can also see 4 baseball games are being played. Dive into this photograph below to see what was happening on that day.

extreme resolution photograph of downtown steamboat springs 2015